Freeze Out

by The Jean Jackets

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released June 6, 2014



all rights reserved


The Jean Jackets Old Tappan, New Jersey

The Jean Jackets are Christine Spilka, Dom Knowles, Joe Marotta, and Jackson Phinney.

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Track Name: Dead Again
I saw them there again and then again,
He said he was alive,
He's dead again
Can't keep it straighter than a story
I tell em but they all come out so boring

Hour store waited 24 can't wait no more,
Dime tour paced thru every room on every floor -
I thought you were gonna come & see it
I need a friend, and I thought that you could be it

Thought that you could be it all
Never really know for sure
Told you I could take the call
Couldn't tell the voice was yours
Never really sure you were alive
Now I'm sure you weren't
And nevermind

Look sharp if you're still with us then listen up,
Less talk it's not like a stiff to interrupt,
The whole time you were just told not to fear it,
Brain dead, but at least yr here in spirit

When yr passing thru the veil
You'd do well to note they're bored
Dead again are all sell-outs,
Cuz they got nothing in store
Never really sure you were one of them,
If you were just dead,
Or dead again.
Track Name: My Marine
Dying just might be too much for me
Think I was readier when i was 19
Yeah well I've heard I've lived all over the world
But I've heard myself cry like a little girl
In the dark, after dark

Hey Nadine, are you ready to die?
I watch your car tear past the road signs of the times
Well she drives 45 miles to a better place,
And she tries 45 years to grow into that face
That just don't, and it won't
Never did

And in the moment, in the way
They had it coming, had it going away
And for her future, for her sake
For every minute, every hour he takes

When he takes the bullet, my marine,
He takes it for her sake, and not for the team
And the crime, just a function of the times.
Track Name: Vacant Admiral
Where did he go?
Well why do you care?
Vacant admiral,
Vacated stare
I swear that someone used to be in there
But just cuz he ain't there don't mean he's not aware

I get up
I go out
Try to smile but
It's lost in my mouth
I'm dead and gone beyond a shadow of doubt
And I keep trying to laugh but it's not coming out,
So I say:

Baby I'm sick with
A case of the times
At the helm of the ship and
I'm losing my mind
Couldn't have charted our course along a straighter line
And yeah we are not here, but we are doing fine

Have my face,
And my friends,
Think we are going somewhere, but
It really depends
If the ship can sail between the means and the ends
And if nothing crops up to which I need to attend.